We have extensive experience in lighting assemblies with high demands and the need for reliable results in optical examinations. Mixing between mold parts without post-processing (Piano gloss finish without post-processing), guides machined at high speed with 5-axis CNC with a totally transparent finish, metallics with protective coating and textured finishes, make our parts acquire an added value much higher than those of other competitors. Consult us and we will analyze all the requirements so that your project becomes reality without complications.


Doors, cockpit, center console, ceilings, uprights, seats, etc… We are very good with interior finishes; our team is meticulous and obsessed with perfectionism during assemblies and adjustments. Since we started 3D printing, laminates and CNC machining years ago, everything has evolved significantly and we have not been left behind. Our technologies and processes are adapted to technological development to offer the interior sets of pieces with a high quality. We have assembled at the client’s house with very high time demands, we are used to meeting deadlines and demands, do not doubt that we will do with you.


We can make parts in fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyurethane resins of different densities, 3D printing, Aluminum, chrome plastics, etc.

As a novelty, we can offer process engineering and subsequent hot sheet stamping service and this opens great opportunities in prototypes, obtaining pieces of great durability and valid for the different tests. We will offer you the best solution after analyzing the process with the appropriate software.

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